The moment when I found out I was not the only one addited to Target.

I had always heard of Target and of course I’ve seen the commercials with the cute dog, but I never found myself shopping there. Until about a year ago that I moved from Miami to New Orleans and I found myself in need of a new pair of black pants for a job interview. So as I drove from store to store having no luck with my hunt, my mother calls and asked me to get some milk. So I thought to myself “I’ll try Target, and maybe I’ll get the pants and the milk”. Two hours later as I drove home with the back seat of my car full of bags containing my new black pans, kitchen towels, a $20 watch, hand lotion,  three new shirts, (which I obviously needed for interviews), and of course my mother’s milk, amongst other things, I start to question what had just happened! I couldn’t understand how speeding almost $200 could feel so good yet so wrong. And that’s how it all first started and now I can’t get enough of it. It is an addition and I am seriously hooked. But I find comfort in the fact that I AM NOT THE ONLY ONE!

In the following months after my first experience with Target I found myself having to go there every other week because I needed this or that. I started to notice that I had a problem, I was addicted to Target, and I was ashamed to tell anyone about it, so I just continue to engorge on what had become by very own brand of heroin in secret. Until one day I couldn’t take it anymore I had to tell someone!!! So while I was shopping for nothing in specific one Friday afternoon I decided to share my secret with my friend who I knew had told me once that she loved the place. So I texted her saying “OMG I think I have a Target addition!!! I’m here all the time for one reason or another!” to what she replayed “HAHAHA I’m at Target right now, I come here on my lunch breaks”, and that’s when I knew I was not alone!

After a while I started to come across all this internet post about how Target is so wonderful but it can empty up your wallet in a matter of 2 hours. I noticed how my Instagran and Facebook friends where posting all this cute and funny stuff and how much I related to it. So I didn’t feel alone anymore, I had people to share my addition with, we are basically passing a blunt around and we are all high on the greatness that is Target. They are blogs, funny pictures online, friends shearing on Facebook talking to each other about how they went in for baby wipes but ended up sitting in their cars double, triple checking the recipe wondering how they just paid $150 dollars, wow those wipes sure came up to be expensive huh.

The truth is we all love Target, we love the feeling of happiness when we walk in but we also love the shame and despair when we walk out. So we go every week, check their website, download the app on our smart phones and subscribe to their mailing list because we NEED to get their weekly ads delivered to our houses or in our email inbox. And knowing we are not alone just makes it easier for us to justify our addition. One of my friends actually suggested the idea of starting a Target anonymous support group, I actually liked the idea but I’m not sure I want to be cured just yet, I don’t think any of us is ready to be cure really.




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