Mean old ladies!!

I work at a hospital emergency room (no as a nurse or a doctor, thank God) and I come in contact with patients and their families daily, so as you can imagine the rainbow of people I deal with every day.

And while I can totally understand why someone in the ER might be in a bad mood, I mean I get it you are in pain and feel sick, no one likes feeling that way, not even me. Hell I don’t want to be in the ER and I work there!!!! What I do not understand is why these little old ladies that look so nice have to be so evil!!!!

Today I was just walking down the hallway on my way to a patient room to get some signatures and this old lady walked pass me, me being a nice human being and a normal person as it is smiled at her and said good morning. I guess she didn’t like the way I smile because she went bananas on me, like literally curse me out in the hallway, something about her husband this and that, things I don’t understand because again I am not a nurse. I offered to help her by getting her husband’s nurse to come to the room for them, she says ok and I am off to get the nurse, I find her nurse tell her what happened and I am off to continue my day.

A few minutes later I have to get signatures from another patient, when I walked into the room it happens to be old lady’s husband room, and as I open the door to explain why was I there she goes off on me again. I had already explain to her that I could not help her with anything medical related because, again, I am not a nurse. She did not like this and continue to yell at me as I walked out of the room without even saying one word back to her.

In conclusion don’t trust these old ladies looking all nice and innocent, they will curse you out and then demand respect right after because you are supposed to respect the elderly. Ummmm NO!


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